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Our Hampers

Year Round Gourmet Hamper Range

White Wine and Gourmet Hamper
Five Stones Sauvignon Blanc Wine, Walters Honey and Cranberry Nougat,Walkers Belgian Chocolate Chunk Biscuits.
Rose Wine and Gourmet Hamper
Kosher Rose Wine – 750mls, Blue Mountain Pareve Cashew and Chive Cheese, Organic Pitted Kalamata Olives,
Laurent Perrier and Gourmet Nibbles
Laurent Perrier Kosher Brut NV Champagne – Orthodox Union – Kosher for Passover
Deluxe Kosher Hamper
Kosher Deluxe Hamper
Walters Chocolate and Cranberry Nougat Box, Brookfarm Macadamia Nuts with Rosemary, Zokoko Chocolate, Sweet and Savory Bar Nuts
Ultimate Tea Hamper
Walters Handmade Honey Nougat – South African Kosher Certified, The Organic Tea Project Breakfast Tea – Kosher Australia.
Gourmet Chocolate Lover Hamper
Pana Organic Hot Chocolate – Kosher Australia App, Trentham Tucker Choco Hazelnut Crispbread – Kosher Australia
Kosher Merlot Hamper
Kosher Merlot Hamper
An iconic Kosher Australian Merlot Wine. When this arrives on their doorstep there will be a grin from ear to ear.
The Ultimate Cheese and Snack Hamper
Altoona Kosher White Wine, Trentham Tucker Rosemary and Poppy Seed Lavosh, Mount Zero Kalamata Olives
Ottolenghi and Israeli Wine Hamper
Gamla Israeli Wine – 750ml 14.5% alcohol. Non-Mevushal, Zokoko Tranquilidad Chocolate – 72% Chocolate – Vegan
Kosher Vodka Hamper
Israeli Milk and Honey Whisky – 700 mls – 46% Single Malt Whisky – Made in Israel – Aged in Kosher Mehedrin casks K Certified
Kosher Australian Beer and Nuts Hamper
Kosher Australian Beer Hamper
Kosher James Squire Beer x 5 – 150 Lashes Pale Ale, The Chancer, Four Wives Pilsner, The Hop Thief, Nine Tales 330mls.
Kosher Baby Boy Brit Hamper
Kosher Baby Boy Brit Hamper
An iconic Kosher Hamper for the Newborn baby boy and his wonderful mother! Perfect gift for the Brit.Sally Williams Chocolate Nougat Box
Kosher Whisky Hamper
Kosher Whisky Hamper
Introducing a remarkable whisky that was originally intended to remain within the borders of the United States, crafted by the leading producer of single malt in Scotland.
Kosher Gin Hamper
Kosher Gin Hamper
Crafted from ten meticulously chosen botanicals sourced from exotic locations around the globe, BOMBAY SAPPHIRE gin is a perfectly balanced premium gin
Kosher Chardonnay Hamper
Kosher Chardonnay Hamper
Kosher Australian Chardonnay 750mls, Sally Williams Nougat – 50 gms – The worlds finest honey nougat. Kosher certified.
Kosher Rose Wine Hamper
Kosher Rose Wine Hamper
Offering fabulous fruit purity with seductive spicy nuances, the wine shows Black Doris plum, raspberry, floral, and olive notes on the nose.
Kosher White Wine Hamper
Kosher White Wine Hamper
Kosher South African Unorthodox Wine 750mls Sally Williams Nougat – 50 gms – The worlds finest honey nougat.
Absolut Vodka Kosher Hamper
Kosher Vodka Hamper
Made from pristine water and Swedish winter wheat, Absolut’s philosophy of One Source, One Community, One Incredible Vodka, stands true.

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Bought as a gift and family loved it! Bought for myself too and can’t wait to use. Will be a great addition to our Sukkah!  -
Sukkah Welcome Mat
Very cute mug. I think my friend is going to love it! -
Got Latkes Mug The Kosher Hub
Deanna Kei
Pants are awesome,. There going to turn some heads
Passover Matzah Joggers
Bryant Adams
Adorable! Excited to use it for my toddler for cards!
Rosh Hashanah T Shirt
Lauren D Glass
Love the mug... And...yes, I want to go to Israel...
I don't need Therapy Mug
Great quality, arrived quickly, looks perfect!
Passover Apron
This is the cutest skirt ever. I love it! Can’t wait to wear it on Hanukkah. It shipped super fast, fits perfectly, and is amazing quality.
Hanukkah Skirt