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Kosher Wine and Champagne Hampers

If you’re looking for kosher wine hampers, The Kosher Hub  is exactly where you’ll want to be. Our beautifully presented hampers feature fine wines from beloved brands like Six Parallels South, Harkhams, and Australian kosher Wines. Peruse our range of hampers with wine today.

Tishbi 2011 Israeli Wine Hamper
Ottolenghi and Israeli Wine Hamper
Cheese Snacks and Wine Hamper
Kosher New Zealand Hamper
Laurent Perrier Champagne and Nibbles
Rose Wine and Gourmet Hamper
Kosher Merlot Wine Hamper
Kosher Merlot Wine Hamper
An iconic Kosher Australian Merlot Wine. When this arrives on their doorstep there will be a grin from ear to ear.
Kosher Gamla Wine Hamper
Gamla Wine Hamper
Laurent Perrier Champagne Hamper
Laurent Perrier Kosher Brut NV Champagne – Orthodox Union – Kosher for Passover
Kosher White Wine Hamper
Unorthodox Wine Hamper
Kosher South African Unorthodox Wine 750mls Sally Williams Nougat – 50 gms – The worlds finest honey nougat.
Kosher Rose Wine Hamper
Kosher Rose Wine Hamper
Kosher Australian 2019 Bellarine Estate Wine 750mls Sally Williams Nougat – 50 gms – The worlds finest honey nougat.
Kosher Chardonnay Hamper
Kosher Australian Chardonnay
Kosher Australian Chardonnay 750mls Sally Williams Nougat – 50 gms – The worlds finest honey nougat.
White wine and gourmet hamper
Rosh Hashana Boxed Hamper
Rosh Hashanah Hamper
Prestige Cheese and Snacks Hamper
Three Cheese and Three Chocolate Hamper
Bartenura Baci and Blue Mountains Hamper
Schlep Bag Hamper
Drappier Champagne Hamper

The Kosher Hub Wine Hampers

Raising a glass of wine and toasting to friends and family is what life is all about. Our wine hampers offer a toast in a gift box beloved by everyone from wine connoisseurs to casual drinkers enjoying a quiet evening. We offer red wine hampers, white wine hampers, champagne hampers, and more – each of which is packed with savoury nibbles, sweet treats, 

They’re perfect as birthday gifts, engagement gifts, new home gifts, and more.

Our hampers with wine come with personalized message card and blessing over wine 

Peruse our wine hampers today.

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