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Prestige Cheese and Wine Hamper


  • Altoona Hills Chardonnay Wine
  • Bonne Maman Fig Conserve – Orthodox Union U Kosher
  • Blue Mountain Artisan Cashew and Cracked Pepper Creamery Vegan Cheese – 120 gm – Kosher Australia
  • Protein Mix Wasabi Peas – DJ&A – Kashrut Authority of NSW
  • Brookfarm Saltbush Macadamia Nuts – Orthodox Union U Kosher
  • Mount Zero Kalamata Olives – 80gms – Kosher Australia App
  • Naked Foods Roasted Salted Pistachios – Kosher Australia App
  • Trentham Tucker – Poppy and Sesame Seed Lavosh – Dairy – Kosher Australia

Packed in a white signature Kosher Hub box with Gold and Blue ribbon with Gold tissue, personalized message card and Jewish blessing over wine card in English, Hebrew and transliteration.

Brookfarm Macadamia Nuts 

Saltbush is one of Australia’s most delicious native herbs, with a delicate salty nutty taste, it thrives in Australia’s outback and helps to reclaim saline land. The pink lake salt comes from Western Victoria and is sustainably harvested by Mt Zero with the Barengi Gadjin Land Council. Lightly dry roasted with just a touch of Brookfarm macadamia oil, these macadamia nuts are rich in monounsaturates and are a healthy choice to share and enjoy with friends and family.

Blue Mountains Creamery –  Cashew and Cracked Pepper 

These classic cashew cheeses are fermented using traditional methods with only the best organically certified ingredients.

The black pepper corns bring out the more subtle flavours of this delicious cashew cheese. The pepper is sharp yet aromatic. The Cracked Pepper cashew cheese not only sits at home on a cheese plate – it stars.

Trentham Tucker

Shimon Weizman bought the small company of Trentham Tucker in 2011.  It has now grown into a highly sought after gourmet brand that produces delicious, high quality products.  Our range continues to grow and now includes crispbreads, lavosh, traditional style Sienna Panafortes, Christmas cakes and puddings, fudge, jams, granola and nuts, all  in a wide variety of flavours.  Many of our products are featured in specialty hampers.

Bonne Maman

Fig Conserve – Savour the symphony of flavours with Bonne Maman Conserves – Succulent fruit chunks, velvety preserves, pure delight.

Bonne Maman is more than just a brand – it’s a way of life. Rooted in a long tradition of exceptional “savoir-faire,” Bonne Maman embodies the tenderness and generosity of our loving grandmothers, creating delicious moments to cherish every time. The name Bonne Maman, which means “Grandmother” in French, evokes memories of mouth-watering conserves and iconic jars with handwritten labels.

DJ & A

Wasabi Protein Peas – 38 grms of protein. No MSG nothing artificial

Plant Based Kashrut Authority Certified Snacks

Mount Zero Kalamata Olives

These kalamata olives have been simply cured in rock salt straight after picking. This leaves the olives with an intense “umami-ness” and pure concentrated Kalamata flavour.  After curing, we lightly marinate the olives in a mixture of fennel seeds and our freshly-pressed lemon olive oil.  Dry salt curing leaves these olives slightly shriveled like date or dried prune.

Naked Foods Bondi

Pistachios that have been oven roasted and lightly salted are a delicious snack. The inside kernels are pink and green on the outside and creamy on the inside. They are a rich source of protein, mono-unsaturated fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins like vitamin E, B complex groups and minerals like copper, manganese, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc and selenium. Unlike many other nuts, pistachios are a soft nut.