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We couldn’t make a post about the Hanukkah Dog without sharing this very cute video that went viral with 1.7 million views starring Daveed Diggs on Disney Music who got a ‘dog named Monica for Hanukkah” so insanely cute!

What child doesn’t want a dog for Hanukkah?

If you are about to gift your child with a dog for Hanukkah or you have a well established furry member of your family you won’t want to go another Hanukkah without a fun gift for him or her!

With the holiday of Hanukkah being for a long 8 nights getting into the spirit of this holiday is fun and easy for the whole family including your dog! The Kosher Hub have a fun range of Hanukkah Dog products that are sure to delight the Jewish dog lover. With Hanukkah dog sweaters, Hanukkah Dog Bandanas and even Hanukkah pet feeding mats your dog can join in and be a part of this Festival of Lights celebration for the whole 8 days!

Pawsome Hanukkah

Hanukkah Dog

Hanukkah Dog Bandana

Hanukkah Dog Bandana ,Dog Lovers Gift

Have a Pawsome Hanukkah

Hanukkah Pet Feeding Mat

Hanukkah Dog Sweater

Have a Pawsome Hanukkah Dog Sweater

Hanukkah Pet Mat

Hanukkah Pet Mat

Personalized Hanukkah Dog Feeding Mat

Choose from hundreds of Dog Breeds

Iconic Hanukkah Dog Collar

Choose from 4 Sizes

Hanukkah Pet Bowls

Have a Pawsome Hanukkah Pet Bowls

Has your dog got bad breath?

You need to see this!

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