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Bartenura Baci Biscuits and Blue Hamper


  • Angels Honey Nougat Belgian Cho0colate Biscuit – 150gms
  • Bartenura Moscato Sparkling Wine – 750mls
  • Blue Mountains Cashew and Chive Cheese  – 120gms
  • Baci Milk Chocolate

Packed in a white signature Kosher Hub box with Gold and Blue ribbon with Gold tissue, personalized message card and Jewish blessing over wine card in English,Hebrew and Transliteration.


Wine Blessing Card

Bartenura Moscato Blue

Slightly effervescent, or frizzante if you prefer, Bartenura Moscato entices with notes of wildflowers, ripe melons, and honey, followed by flavors of pear, nectarines, and apricot. Forget traditional pairing rules—Bartenura Moscato pairs perfectly with whatever you enjoy, especially great company.

Bartenura wine is an international brand of the Royal Wine Company, a kosher wine manufacturer. The wine is sourced from the Provincia di Pavia, Italy and is named for Rabbi Ovadia ben Avraham of Bertinoro (known as Bartenura), the 15th century Italian rabbi.[1]

This wine was the first to sell in a blue glass bottle. In 1992, it became the largest-selling wine in the kosher sector and is the single most successful kosher Italian wine brand.

Angels Honey Nougat Belgian Chocolate Biscuit

Indulge in our irresistible creation that brings together one of the Walters team’s greatest loves—Belgian Chocolate! Enjoy the creamy texture of roasted cocoa beans and butter, paired with our crispy handmade honey nougat and farm-fresh butter. A touch of magic transforms these ingredients into Chocolate Angels. Life’s too short for ordinary biscuits.

Blue Mountains Creamery Vegan Cheese

The Chive cashew cheese is infused with fresh chives that add a rich tangy burst of flavour and rounded off wondefully by the deliciously creamy texture. A star on any cheese board! rich & tangy burst of flavour

Baci Chocolate

An exquisite layer of milk chocolate reveals the traditional Baci hazelnut filling together with the crunchiness of a whole hazelnut. Baci Perugina Milk will enhance the sweetness of your special moments.

Like many success stories, Fred started F Mayer Imports from his garage at his home in Bondi, where the imports were initially housed. Then, when he started importing cheeses and more perishable goods, he rented cool rooms in Ultimo. Over time, Fred (later accompanied by his sons) built the business up and relocated to larger warehouses in Rosebery, followed by Alexandria and then Mascot. Today, Mayers spans over two large warehouses in Banksmeadow, Sydney and Altona North in Melbourne.