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Whiskey Socks and Snacks Hamper


  • Israeli Milk and Honey Classic Single Malt Whisky
  • Walters Handmade Honey Nougat – Hazelnut Macadamia and Almond – 120 gms – The worlds finest kosher honey nougat.
  • Joburg Beef Biltong
  • Funny Men’s Whisky Lover Crew Socks – Single Malt, Double Malt… Blah Blah
  • Kosher certified South African Bet Din.

Packed in a white signature Kosher Hub box with Gold and Blue ribbon with Gold tissue and message card and Jewish blessing over meat and processed food card.

Israeli Milk and Honey Whisky

Established in 2014 in Tel Aviv, Milk & Honey Distillery is situated in the vibrant culinary and drinking hub of Israel. Our distillery specializes in the production of kosher whiskies, utilizing the unique climate of the region to infuse our whisky with distinct terroir characteristics.

With the scorching and arid weather prevalent in the Middle East, our whiskies develop a graceful flavor profile after a minimum of three years of maturation. To achieve this, we employ a combination of bourbon, red wine, and kosher sherry barrels, resulting in the creation of exceptional whiskies.

On the nose, our whisky reveals notes of red apple and stone fruits, accompanied by the delightful aromas of fresh honeycomb and beeswax polished oak. This intricate blend is further enhanced by hints of nutmeg

Joburg Biltong

Set off on a taste trek with our Traditional Biltong, a timeless journey through heritage flavors. Each slice is a homage to the classic craft, tenderly cured with a blend of spices that hark back to the origins of biltong. It’s an authentic taste of nostalgia in every tender bite. (If this is not available it will be replaced with a Kashrut Authority Certified Australian Biltong)

Walters Nougat 

Our artisanal handmade honey nougat has a unique pillow-soft texture with strong notes of honey. Partnered with the finest South African Macadamias, cracked and hand selected on our farm, it is the perfect accompaniment to a crisp glass of white wine or a quiet reflective morning coffee break.

In 1999 Gilly Walters started making her unique artisanal soft honey nougat for guests at music concerts held at her home. Spurred by rave reviews, Gilly began to sell her nougat at the local farmer’s market and from there Walters Nougat was born. 

Walters Nougat is still a family business and we make our Mum’s nougat the same way she made it, in small batches with great care on our farm. Our Mum created the first ever nougat biscuit and we continue to share these with the world from our small bakery here in the South African Midlands, all the while keeping a very particular eye on quality, just the way she did.

Blue Q Mens Crew Socks

Oaky, smoky, artichokey… just hand me a glass, already?

Men’s shoe size 7-12. 51% combed cotton; 46% nylon; 3% spandex.

Woven with luxurious combed cotton for softness, nylon for strength and a touch of spandex for long-lasting fun