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Israeli Milk and Honey Whisky Hamper


  • Israeli Milk and Honey Whisky – 700 mls – 46% Single Malt Whisky – Made in Israel – Aged in Kosher Mehedrin casks K Certified
  • European designed crystal whisky tumbler by Pietro Chiera
  • Walters Honey Nougat with 10 Bon Bons – South Afrian Bet Din Kosh

Packed in a white signature Kosher Hub box with Gold and Blue ribbon with Gold tissue and message card.




Israeli Milk and Honey Whisky

Gentle vanilla sweetness, followed by light oak and floral notes.

Established in 2014 in Tel Aviv, Milk & Honey Distillery is situated in the vibrant culinary and drinking hub of Israel. M & H Whisky distillery specializes in the production of kosher whiskies, utilizing the unique climate of the region to infuse their whisky with distinct terroir characteristics.

With the scorching and arid weather prevalent in the Middle East, M & H whiskies develop a graceful flavor profile after a minimum of three years of maturation. To achieve this, they employ a combination of bourbon, red wine, and kosher sherry barrels, resulting in the creation of exceptional whiskies.

On the nose, this whisky reveals notes of red apple and stone fruits, accompanied by the delightful aromas of fresh honeycomb and beeswax polished oak. This intricate blend is further enhanced by hints of nutmeg.

Walters Nougat

Walters artisanal handmade honey nougat has a unique pillow-soft texture with strong notes of honey. Partnered with the finest South African Macadamias, cracked and hand selected on our farm, it is the perfect accompaniment to a crisp glass of white wine or a quiet reflective morning coffee break.

Pietro Chiera European designed Whisky Tumbler

Experience the European Whisky Tumbler by Pietro Chiera – an exquisite blend of European precision and artistic brilliance, designed to elevate your whisky enjoyment to new heights.

The wide glass body allows the rich aromas to unfurl gracefully, while the tapered opening ensures that every delicate note is preserved. The solid base keeps the warmth of your hands away from the drink, and thin side walls offer a flawless drinking experience; this tumbler is a testament to form and function.

But what truly sets this tumbler apart is the artistry of Pietro Chiera. Chiera’s design transcends the ordinary. Inspired by the captivating “legs” or “tears” that adorn exceptional whisky glasses, Chiera’s interpretation in abstract copper applications is nothing short of mesmerising. Each sip becomes an experience as you admire the fusion of art and utility in every detail.

Indulge in the luxury of European craftsmanship and the visionary creativity of Pietro Chiera. Elevate your whisky ritual with this crystal masterpiece – where every sip celebrates sophistication and style!


Weight 2.2 kg
Dimensions 32 × 23 × 32 cm