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Challah Board

Challah Boards

What is a Challah Board?

A Challah board is a board used in Jewish households for the preparation and presentation of the braided bread known as Challah. Challah is a special bread traditionally eaten on the Jewish Sabbath and other holidays.

  • The board is typically made of wood or other food-safe materials and is used to knead the dough and shape the Challah before baking. It is also used to serve the Challah at the table, where it is often covered with a decorative cloth.
  • Challah boards come in various shapes and sizes, but they are typically long and rectangular, with a smooth surface for kneading and shaping the dough.
  • Some Challah boards have intricate designs or carvings that reflect Jewish symbolism or themes.
  • In addition to Challah boards, some Jewish households also use a Challah cover or “challah napkin” to cover the bread during the Sabbath meal, as a way of honoring the bread and the holiness of the day.

Fridays are Better with Challah Board by The Kosher Hub

Challah Board
Fridays are Better with Challah Maple Board

As any observant and even non observant Jewish person would agree Fridays are Better with Challah! and what better saying to have on a Challah board than this!

Our maple cutting boards are absolutely stunning. Hand-crafted from solid maple and laser engraved, these cutting boards will be the show-piece of your Shabbat table.


They are also perfect gifts for any time of the year. Maple is a fantastic wood for cutting boards. It is very durable, and will last for years to come. 

The Kosher Hub on Etsy have a wonderful range of gifts for those Shabbat/Challah lovers called the Fridays are Better with Challah 


If you want to get yours go HERE to see this wonderful Challah Board and a range of other Fridays are Better with Challah gifts

Examples of Challah Boards for sale on Etsy

Challah board sample
Challah Board Sample
Challah Board Sample

This custom Challah board is made from tempered glass with a lacy design and features the phrase in Hebrew – “Likvod Shabbat  and Yom Tov – with the name of the family Mishpachat Silver

Go HERE to view this Challah Board 

This Challah board is made from wood and has Shabbat Shalom in Hebrew engraved on the top. The design is to depict the parting of the sea with gold for the sand and blue for the waves of the sea.  

Go HERE to view this Challah Board 

This Challah board is made by a craftsman who has customized with the name of the family – Mishpachat Rabinovitz featuring olive wood for the land and blue epoxy resin as the sea.

Go HERE to view this Challah Board 

Watch two talented Challah Board makers create boards from scratch

This guy Working in Scrubs has some serious talent! How rustic and beautiful

Learn how to make a Challah Board with Jewish Outreach Initiative – what a fun craft idea!

Blessing Over Shabbat Candles

Recite the correct blessing when you are

Blessing the Shabbat Candles

In Hebrew, English or the Transliterated Versions

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Blessing over Shabbat candles

Challah Boards THEN VS NOW

Historically, Challah boards were often simple wooden boards with minimal decorations, designed primarily for function rather than aesthetics. Over time, some Challah boards began to incorporate decorative elements, such as carvings or inlays, but they were still relatively simple and traditional in design.

In recent years, there has been a trend towards more modern and artistic interpretations of Challah boards, with a greater emphasis on style and design as pictured above. These contemporary Challah boards may feature unique shapes, materials, and colors, and they may incorporate elements from contemporary art and design trends.

Some modern Challah boards are even designed to be multi-functional, with additional features such as built-in knife storage or compartments for salt and other Shabbat table items.

Modern quirky Judaica with a twist……….

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