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Purim Songs

Purim Songs

A compliation of Purim Songs

Purim, the joyous Jewish holiday that celebrates the salvation of the Jewish people from Haman’s evil plot, comes around every February or March each year and what better way to get into the festive spirit than with Purim songs? Whether you’re a seasoned Purim veteran or a newcomer to the holiday, Purim songs are an essential part of the celebration.

From traditional melodies that have been passed down for generations to modern remixes that put a fresh spin on the holiday classics, Purim songs have something for everyone. 

Fun Mix of Purim Songs on You Tube by some talented Jewish Musicians

With Micha Gammerman. Go HERE to get his album

With The Kinderlach. Go HERE To get more information 

With The Maccabeats. Go HERE to learn more

The Kosher Hub is On Etsy
Purim Coloring Pages
Purim Coloring Pages
Personalized Purim Poster
Purim Mug
Funny Purim Drinking Mug
Happy Purim Sign
Happy Purim Sign

With Itzik Eshel – Purim Songs Medley

With The Kinderlach. Go HERE To get more information 

The Hamantaschen Purim Clothing Range

Childrens Purim Leggings
Childrens Leggings
Purim Dress
Purim Dresses
Purim Scrunchie
Purim Scrunchies

Raise your Mask with The Fountainheads. Go HERE to learn more

With Mishe Mishe.

With Uncle Moishy by ℗ 2017 Suki & Ding Productions 


The Kosher Hub has designed a beautifully iconic Jewish Calendar with all the important holidays for this coming year that you can download for FREE. 

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Jewish Calendar 2023

Happy Purim with Rabbi B

The Four Mitzvos of Purim by J kids TV

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