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Bravo Pizza Kosher

What is it about Bravo Pizza kosher restaurant in Manhattan?

Welcome to the world of KOSHER dairy restaurants in New York. Experience exciting and popular dishes in a unique atmosphere located in Downtown Manhattan. Whether you are part of the Jewish community or not, you will be welcomed with open arms. Reviews from customers have been overwhelmingly positive and the Kashrut is strictly kept as per Halakhic requirements. Step into this delicious journey and discover all that KOSHER dairy restaurants have to offer!

Today we are reviewing Bravo Pizza Restaurant in Manhattan New York

Where is it? Bravo Pizza’s Hours and Delivery 

Located in Manhattan New York City, Bravo Pizza’s Address: 107 W 37th St New York, NY 10018


Hours: 10 am to 11 pm Sunday to Thursday. Friday close 1 hr before sunset; Sat open 1 hour after sunset to 1 am


Delivery area is east of 9th Ave to 5th Ave between 27th & 47th Sts.

Call the restaurant on

(212) 268-4499

What is on the Menu at Bravo Pizza Kosher?

Bravo Pizza Garlic Knots

Bravo Pizza Appetizers

  • Garlic Knots 3 or 6

  • Mozarella Sticks
  • French Fries 
  • Soup of the day

Google review of Garlic Knots

Very nice service and very delicious pizza. I would say the best cost-benefit-ratio for pizza To-go in the city. Also the garlic knots are very good! But don’t plan going on a date after eating them, they have plenty of garlic on them, which is still delicious but stays with you for some time”.

Price range from $2-$7.50

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Bravo Pizza’s Slices

  • NY Style Cheese Slice

  • Chicago Deep Dish Slice

  • Sicilian Style Cheese Slice 

  • White Pizza Slice

  • Fresh Mozzarella Pizza Slice 

  • Vodka Slice 

  • Ziti Slice 
  • Vegetable Slice 
  • Special Slice 
  • Grandma Slice
  • Spelt Pizza Slice
  • Veggie Stuffed Slice

Prices range $4.00-$9.95

Bravo Pizza Slices
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Bravo Pizza
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Bravo Pizza’s Pies

NY Style Large Pie
Whole Wheat Pizza 
Salad Pizza 
Baked Ziti Pizza 
Spelt Pizza
Gluten Free Pizza 
White Pizza
Fresh Mozzarella Pizza
Veggie Pie Pizza 
Tuna Pie Pizza
Vodka Pie
Mac & Cheese Pie 
Chicago Deep Dish Pizza
Sicilian Deep Dish Pizza 
White Chicago Pizza 
White Sicilian Pizza
Grandma’s Chicago Pizza
Grandma’s Sicilian Pie 
Marinara Chicago Pizza 
Marinara Sicilian Pizza 
Fresh Mozzarella Chicago Pizza 
Fresh Mozzarella Sicilian Pizza 
Sun Dried Tomato Chicago Pizza 
Sun Dried Tomato Sicilian Pizza 
Stuffed Veggie Pie

Price range between $27-$50

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Bravo Pizza’s Extras 

  • Cheese Calzone
    Made with three cheeses: ricotta, romano & mozzarella. Choose from our list of pizza toppings. $9.95
  • Spinach Roll
    Made with ricotta, romano & mozzarella cheese. $9.95
  • Broccoli Roll
    Made with ricotta, romano & mozzarella cheese. $9.95
  • Eggplant Roll
    Made with ricotta, romano & mozzarella cheese. $9.95
  • Mushroom Roll

Price Range $9.95

Total number of reviews: 2219

Google Review  : “If you’re playing around Herelds Square, you’ll definitely want to walk the couple of blocks over to this pizza shop. Kosher and by the slice, this is some of the best pizza I’ve had in NY. There’s a reason you don’t see a Sabarro on every corner anymore and this kind of pizza is why. This, this is pizza. Big slices, fresh toppings, hot and gooey with cheese, but somehow still with a tender, crispy crust. Really folks, try this place, you won’t regret it.”

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In conclusion, Bravo Pizza has proven to be a go-to destination for all types of customers seeking delicious pizza with a kosher twist. With its full menu of dairy-only pizzas and slices, it’s the perfect spot for Jews and non-Jews alike to get their carb fix. Plus, with its strict adherence to kashrut standards, it’s also a place that everyone can trust for quality kosher food. So why not stop by Bravo Pizza today? The tantalizing pizza awaits you!

Please note: The Kosher Hub is not a Kosher Authority. For any advice please refer to your local Kashrut Authority. Food photos in this blog have been taken from Google and do not belong to The Kosher Hub.

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