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Abaita – Kosher Dairy

What is it about Abaita kosher dairy restaurant in Manhattan?

Welcome to the world of KOSHER dairy restaurants in New York. Experience exciting and popular dishes in a unique atmosphere located in Downtown Manhattan. Whether you are part of the Jewish community or not, you will be welcomed with open arms. Reviews from customers have been overwhelmingly positive and the Kashrut is strictly kept as per Halakhic requirements. Step into this delicious journey and discover all that KOSHER dairy restaurants have to offer!

Today we are reviewing Abaita Kosher Dairy Restaurant in Manhattan New York

Where is it? Abaita’s Hours and DeliveryΒ 

Located in Manhattan New York City, Abaita’s Address: 145 E 49th St, New York, NY 10017



Sunday to Thursday 12-9pm / Fridays from 11:45am-2:45pm and Delivery

Deliveries from the restaurant menu from 6th Street to 96th Street, East to West Manhattan.

What is on the Menu at Abaita Kosher Dairy?

Abaita Salad

Abaita’ Starters

  • Castelfranco Salad with
    Tardivo | endives | basil | lemon vinaigrette

  • Foccacia with Labaneh | pepperonata
  • Spanish Saffron Arancini tomato marmalade

  • Yellowfin Tuna Tartare pickled vegetables | cucumber shaves

  • Tunisian Olives Labaneh | anchovies | garlic confit | dill

  • Cream of Sunchoke Soup | vegetable broth
  • Heirloom Tomato Salad with cucumber | Bethel creamery feta | pickled red onion | fresh parsley

Price range from $14 – $26

With all the iconic symbols of Judaism you won’t forget your next important holiday!

Abaita’s Pizza

  • Margherita Pizza fresh mozzarella | tomato sauce | basil

  • Artichoke Pizza roman style artichoke | bechamel | fresh mozzarella | parmigiano

  • classic marinara crushed green olives | anchovies | garlic | oregano oilolone affumicato | black pepper pecorino | rapini | fresh mozarella | chili oil

  • Take home diy pizza kit 280gr pizza dough for a 12” pizza | tomato sauce | mozzarella | basil

  • Mushroom pizza wild mushroom conserva | tomato sauce | fresh mozzarella | parmigiano

  • Piccante pizza shishito peppers | dressed kale | walnut | pecorino | Calabrian chili oil

  • Spinach pizza creamed spinach | black pepper pecorino | black garlic confit

Prices range $19-$26

Abaita Pizza
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Abaita's desserts

Abaita’ DessertsΒ 

  • Lemon Curd Citrus marmalade | brown sugar crumbles

  • Cheesecake

  • Chocolate budinoΒ  – honey comb | caramel | coffee whipped cream

Price range between $12-$14

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Abaita’s Kosher Red and White WineΒ 

  • Chardonnay Chablis les marrionniers chablis | 2018 | france
  • Roussanne mensch covenant | 2018 | california

  • Chardonnay Teperberg herzog special reserve | 2018 | california

  • Riesling koenig | 2018 | france

  • Sauvignon Blanc hagafen | 2019 | california

  • Pinot noir rose goose bay | 2019 | new zealand

  • Tabor limited edition Cabernet | tabor limited edition | 2014 | Israel

  • Segals unfiltered cabernet | segals unfiltered | 2013 | israel

  • Cab chalk hill | herzog reserve warnecke – chalk hill | 2015 | california

  • Peraj Ha’abib |Garnacha | capcanes peraj ha’abib flor de primavera | 2016 | spain

  • Cabernet Galilee |cabernet | tabor galilee | 2016 | israel

  • Barbera Shiloh |shiloh | 2018 | israel

  • Brilliance – cabernet + syrah | brilliance | napa valley | 2016 | california

  • Montepulciano | bartenura | 2019 | italy

  • Alexander Valley | cabernet | herzog reserve alexander valley | 2018 | california

  • Malbec |Β  sforno | 2020 | argentina

Price Range from $14 per glass to $244 per bottleΒ 

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In conclusion, Abaita restaurant is a shining beacon of kosher dairy delicacies in Manhattan. It provides a big variety of Jewish dishes, with all ingredients abiding by Kashrut standards. Reviews are generally positive, and the restaurant has become popular among the locals. Eating at Abaita is an experience that should not be missed by anyone seeking to get an authentic taste of Jewish cuisine. However, when planning your visit to Abaita keep in mind that the restaurant closes on the Sabbath.

Please note: The Kosher Hub is not a Kosher Authority. For any advice please refer to your local Kashrut Authority. Food photos in this blog have been taken from Google and do not belong to The Kosher Hub.

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