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50 Funny Passover Puns

Passover Puns to make you smile

  1. Time to let my hair down? Afikoman!
  2. I’m sorry I got lost on the way to the Seder. I must have taken the wrong Pharaoh.
  3. This matzah is so hard, it could break Pharaoh’s teeth!
  4. These matzah balls are truly souperb.
  5. I told my friend I was on a diet during Passover. He said, “you’re just carb-loading.”
  6. I can’t believe I forgot the charoset! That’s the apple of my eye.
  7. Why did the matzah go to the doctor? It was feeling crummy.
  8. Why did the Jewish grape farmer refuse to use pesticides? He didn’t want to create plagues of locusts.
  9. The Seder was so good, I can hardly gefilte my pants.
  10. I can’t wait to get my matzah on at the Seder!
Passover Wall hanging
Passover Wall hanging
Passover Matzah Pillow
Passover Matzah Pillow

11. What do you call a Passover Seder with only veggie options? An herbivorous night.

12. What do you get when you cross matzah with a monster? Matzah-zilla!

13. Why do we eat matzah on Passover? Because it’s bread of the affliction, not bread of the addiction.

14. Why do frogs like Passover? Because it’s a time to jump for joy!

15. What’s a Passover Seder without singing? A missed seder opportunity.

16. Why did the chicken cross the Red Sea? To get to the other side of the Seder table.

17. What do you call a Seder with no brisket? A missed steak.

18. Why did the pharaoh refuse to let the Jews go? He was in de-nile.

19. Why was the man with the bad cold at the Seder? He wanted to karpas his sinuses.

20. What’s a rabbit’s favorite part of the Seder? The egg-zit.

21. Why did the matzah get a ticket? It was double-parked!

22. Why did the Seder plate need a passport? It had to cross the Red Sea.

23. Why did the Jews wander in the desert for 40 years? They refused to ask for directions.

24. Why did the matzah say to the butter? “Don’t go breaking my heart!”

25. Why did the baker refuse to sell bread during Passover? He didn’t want to loaf around.

26. What did the grape say when it got stepped on during Passover? “Nothing, it just let out a little whine.”

27. What do you call a bunny who likes Passover? A matzah hopper.

28. Why do people like to drink wine during the Seder? It helps them get plagues-ed.

29. What do you call a Hebrew version of “The Voice”? “The Voice in My Head Telling Me to Finish My Matzah.”

30. Why did the locusts swarm during Passover? They heard it was a Jewish feast.

Seder Plate Passover Dress
Seder Plate Passover Dress
Passover Apron
Passover Apron

31. Why do Jews put their cups of wine down during the Seder? They need to get to the four questions.

32. Why did the frog refuse to eat matzah? It was sick of all the croaking.

33. What did the kosher tomato say to the Passover onion? “We’re a good match, we complement each other’s seder plates.”

34. Why did the pharaoh invite Moses to a tea party? He wanted to pour out his heart to him.

35. What do you call a dish made with matzah, chicken, and carrots? “Matzo-poulet-carrot stew.”

36. Why was the Red Sea too salty to drink during Passover? Because the matzah was too dry to dip in it.

37. Why did the Jews leave Egypt in such a hurry? They wanted to be free from all that pyramid scheme.

38. What’s the difference between matzah and cardboard? Cardboard doesn’t taste as good with cream cheese.

39. Why did the pharaoh ask for a second helping of gefilte fish? He thought it was a pyramid scheme.

40. What do you call a platter of charoset with a face on it? A Seder plate smiley.

41. Why did the matzah dough take a nap before being baked? It needed to rise.

42. Why did the frogs enjoy Passover? It was their time to jump for joy!

43. Why do we eat maror during Passover? To add a little bit of bitter reality to our lives.

44. What do you call a frog who loves Passover? A hoppy holiday enthusiast.

45. Why do Jewish bakers like to make Passover cakes? They love a good Exodus-cake.

46. Why do we eat matzah instead of bread during Passover? Because we knead the dough to rise to the occasion.

47. Why did the Egyptian baker refuse to sell yeast to the Jews during Passover? He didn’t want to be kneady.

48. What do you call a meal that takes eight days to eat? A Passover slow cook.

49. Why did the Passover lamb go to the doctor? It was feeling sheepish.

50. Why do Jews always bring extra matzah to the Seder? They don’t want to run out of unleavened material.

Passover Pet Bandana
Passover Pet Bandana
Passover Matzah Joggers
Passover Pants
Passover Matzah Sleeveless Dress
Matzah Dress
Passover Matzah T Shirt
Passover T Shirt

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