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Passover Jokes

38 Funny and Lame Passover Jokes

Passover Jokes to make you smile

  1. Why did the matzah go to the doctor? Because it felt crummy.
  2. What do you call a matzah that can sing? A matzah-rella.
  3. Why did the potato feel left out at the seder? Because it wasn’t a part of the bitter herbs.
  4. What do you call a Passover story that isn’t true? A pharaohcey.
  5. How does Moses make his coffee during Passover? Hebrews it!
  6. Why did the frog refuse to eat matzah? Because it already had a full hopper.
  7. Why did the Jewish boy feel guilty about eating all the matzah? Because he was the breadwinner.
  8. What do you call the Passover version of a game show? Let’s Make a Matzah Deal!
  9. How do you know if your matzah is stale? It’s soft and chewy instead of hard and crunchy.
  10. What did the matzah say to the maror? “You bitter believe it!”
Passover Wall hanging
Passover Wall hanging
Passover Matzah Pillow
Passover Matzah Pillow

11. Why did the Jews wander the desert for 40 years? Because Moses refused to ask for directions.

12. What did Pharaoh say when Moses asked him to let his people go? “Matzah problem.”

13. What do you call a seder plate with no charoset on it? A plate of horseradish.

14. What do you call matzah that’s covered in chocolate? Passover crack.

15. Why did the matzah ball soup have no flavor? It needed more seasoning and it was a little broth-mitzvah.

16. Why do Jews eat gefilte fish on Passover? Because chicken soup just isn’t fishy enough.

17. How did the Israelites make coffee during the exodus? They brewed it using a Hebrew slave.

18. What did the Jewish kid say when his mother asked him to clean his room? “But it’s chametz!”

19. Why don’t they play cards during Passover? Because Moses was always dealing with Pharaoh.

20. How do you organize a Passover play? You put the cast in Egypt and have the audience in bondage.

21. Why is it hard to find Passover wine that’s 100% kosher? Because every bottle is still looking for the other half of the Ten Commandments.

22. Why did the Jews eat the manna in the desert? Because they didn’t have any Passover takeout.

23. How did the Israelites keep their clothes clean during Passover? They used Pharaoh’s wash and wear.

24. What do you call a rabbi who loves Passover puns? A seder-masochist.

25. Why do Jews put an orange on the seder plate? To remember that women have a place at the table.

26. What do you call a Passover meal for two people? A Seder for B’reira.

27. What’s the difference between matzah and cardboard? Some people actually enjoy eating matzah.

28. Why did the matzah fall asleep during the seder? It was unleavened tired.

Passover Matzah Sleeveless Top
Passover Matzah Sleeveless Top
Passover Parting of the Sea Dress
Parting of the Sea Passover Dress
Passover Matzah Dress
Matzah Dress
Seder Plate Passover Dress
Seder Plate Dress
Torah Scroll and Matzah Passover Dress
Torah Scroll and Matzah Dress
Passover Apron
Passover Apron

29. Why did the Israelites bring unleavened bread on their journey out of Egypt? They didn’t have time for a rise.

30. How do you know if your matzah balls are light and fluffy? They rise to the top of the pot.

31. Why did the Jews cross the Red Sea? To get to the other side.

32. How do you keep a Passover seder interesting? Add some locusts to the charoset.

33. Why did the Jewish boy hide his afikomen under the bed? So he could have a matzah surprise.

34. What do you call a Passover seder that’s gone on too long? A matzah-bation.

35. Why did the Jews leave Egypt? Because Pharaoh kept putting the price of matzah up.

36. What do you call a Passover seder that’s full of people? A matzah party.

37. Why do Jews eat matzah for eight days? To remind them how long it took to get to the promised land without GPS.

38. What’s the difference between a Passover seder and a regular dinner party? The four cups of wine and the bitter herbs.


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Passover Matzah Sleeveless Dress
Matzah Dress
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Passover T Shirt

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Passover Pet Bandana

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