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Kosher Restaurants in Los Angeles review by The Kosher Hub

Kosher Restaurants Los Angeles

What some popular Kosher Restaurants in Los Angeles people are leaving reviews for?

The Los Angeles Jewish community is very large and consists of many different types of Jews from Reform to Haredi. The Orthodox Jewish community is  large and fairly visible groups in some suburbs of Los Angeles. They are known for their adherence to kosher dietary laws and their strict observance of the Sabbath. As such kosher food is available in many restaurants, cafes, and bakeries in Los Angeles. There are also several kosher certification agencies that certify restaurants and food manufacturers as being in compliance with kosher dietary laws.

This week we are looking at five of the kosher restaurants in Los Angeles with hundreds of Google reviews. 

Charcoal Grill and Bar 

Address: 7563 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036


Google Reviews: 389

Great food and service! Love that they’re open late hours, which is great for someone who doesn’t live in the heart of LA.
Icing on the cake was that they randomly gave out free tequila shots on the house to everyone!”

“Amazing food, with Amazing service! Fresh and tasty! We ordered the lamb chops and rib steak. Cooked to perfection. First timer from the east coast. Max was very accommodating and hospitable!! Will be back when back in the area.

Kosher Restaurant Charcoal Grill LA
Charcoal Grill and Bar
Shilohs Bistro and Garden
Shiloh's Bistro and Garden

Shiloh’s Bistro and Garden

Address: 8939 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90035


Google Reviews: 479

If there was 6 stars… I’d give it a 6.
I don’t only eat kosher in restaurants. And I can say thoz is my new absolute favorite. The food, everything was delicious. Great service. The ambiance, the outdoor patio. Loved everything. It is pricey though, be ready for that.

“Ben was fantastic. He is proactive as a Manager in the best interest of his customers. He accommodated us after a change of reservation did not work out. Our group much preferred Shiloh and we certainly not disappointed. Food, service and staff were impressive.”

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Ta-Eem Grill 

Address: 7422 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046


Google Reviews: 948

Authentic Mediterranean food. The portion was massive. Two people could definitely share a plate. The chicken shawarma was there stand out dish and it was tasty. I wouldn’t say the best I’ve had but still yummy. The sides they give you to create your own pita pocket were a nice addition. The hummus was good.

“This is my Go-To place in LA for a Merguez sausages on Laffa bread sandwich. The owners are very sweet. I’m sure they have other good foods but Merguez is all I get. This sandwich is massive and I order mine pared down. Just merguez and a spicy harissa sauce.”

Ta'eem Grill LA
Ta'Eem Grill
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Nagila Pizza

Nagila Pizza

Address: 9411 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90035


Google Reviews: 419

I cannot emphasize enough how much I ENJOYED and LOVED this place’s pizza! I’ve travelled many states in the USA, and Nagila Pizza is the best pizza I have ever tasted! Now I am in search of something similar here in Las Vegas (my home), but I cannot find it. They will always be my must stop when I head back to So. Cal. An extra super bonus is their hot sauce, but be careful cause it is HOT, but delish!.

Been coming here for many many years and this is a true authentic Kosher pizza with excellent ingredients I also get their Greek salad which is just as delicious, great place to bring family and kids. The stuff crust pizza is the best pizza I’ve ever tasted.”



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Address: 9216 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90035


Google Reviews: 409

You can’t beat this meal. A Huge schnitzel plate for under $15 The hot sizzling fresh and tender schnitzels here are hard to match let alone beat. Come here almost anytime for a satiating delicious schnitzel and sides. 1 person cannot finish this – but feels great to try!

“Pretty good. Basic food stop that is open late on Pico along the Jewish kosher food avenue.
Good prices and the food tasted fresh and very good. The fries were the non fresh type and I would advise that you skip them.”


 As we can see Los Angeles is home to a variety of kosher food options, for Jewish Orthodox that anyone can enjoy. It’s a great place for anyone looking for authentic kosher cuisine. The kashrut, or Jewish dietary laws, are strictly adhered to in this community, making it a great choice for those looking for a traditional experience.

Please note: The Kosher Hub is not a Kosher Authority. For any advice please refer to your local Kashrut Authority. Food photos in this blog have been taken from Google and do not belong to The Kosher Hub.

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