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Kosher Restaurants in Cleveland Ohio

Kosher Restaurants in Cleveland

What are some Google Reviewed Kosher Restaurants in Cleveland?

There is a significant Jewish population in Cleveland, Ohio. According to the Jewish Virtual Library, there are around 80,000 Jewish people living in the Greater Cleveland area, which includes Cuyahoga, Lake, Geauga, and Ashtabula counties.

As for kosher restaurants, there are a few options in Cleveland. Some popular kosher restaurants in the area include:

  1. Kantina: Located in Euclid Ave,  Kantina offers a variety of burgers, falafels and steaks.

  2. Milky Way: This classic dairy restaurant offers a wide range of tuna sandwichs, plant based burgers, Pizza and panini and desserts

  3. Issi’s Place Located in Ceder Road serves up Pizzas Pastas and wraps  with a focus on fresh ingredients and healthy options. All of their food is kosher certified.

  4. Jade Chinese Kitchen: Located in Ceder Road, Cleveland this kosher Chinese Restaurant,  offers egg rolls,  sushi wontons and more

We have chosen a handful of Kosher Restaurants in Cleveland to review. 


Address: 11303 Euclid Ave, Cleveland, OH 44106, United States


Google Reviews: 208 

Great burgers that were huge and tasty. The place was very clean and the service excellent. Three portions were huge. The drinks are refillable.”

“Loved the food. Very reasonably priced and the staff is warm and welcoming. I’m glad such places exist in uptown, especially for students. I got the chimchuri sandwich. It was delicious and I look forward to trying more!

Kantina Cleveland OH
Kantina Cleveland OH

Kosher Restaurants in Cleveland on Google Maps 

Milky Way Cleveland
Milky Way Cleveland

Milky Way Cleveland 

Address: 1980 Warrensville Center Rd, South Euclid, OH 44121, United States

Website: https:/

Google Reviews: 256

“We had driven through this spot few times and today we finally decided to finally try it out. I was craving something small and savory. As we walked in we saw various fresh breads, pizzas , salad and soup. The pretzels looked interesting and looked good enough to satisfy my savory cravings :). I ordered spinach & feta pretzel. We decided to eat it there since they heat it up before serving. It was served with marinara sauce. It tasted soft and delicious ! 

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Issi’s Place 

Address: 14431 Cedar Rd, Cleveland, OH 44121, United States

Website: https:/

Google Reviews: 196

My wife took me to Issi’s place for dinner. I ordered the Vegetarian Wrap with a hard boiled egg and fries and a fountain soda. The setting is more like a coney Island where you order at the counter and they bring it out to you. The Wrap had generous portions of vegetables. The fries came out in a basket hot and tasty. The fountain drink I got, the Lipton Brisk sweet tea, was delicious. Refills off the fountain were free. I went home full due to the large portion sizes. Yum!

Issi's Place Cleveland Ohio
Issi's Place Cleveland Ohio
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Jade Chinese Kitchen Cleveland
Jade Chinese Kitchen Cleveland

Jade Chinese Kitchen

Address: 14421 Cedar Rd, Cleveland, OH 44121, United States


Google Reviews: 192

The best Chinese I have ever tasted. The sweet and sour chicken was super fresh! The beef lo mein was so flavorful and fresh. The french fries were perfectly salty and crispy. Even the drinks were freezing cold!”

“Ordered online from here for a large work lunch (~15 meals) with a variety of meals. The food was prepared quickly and correctly. When I arrived to pick it up, the order was ready to go and the gentleman behind the counter was courteous and helpful. The food was delicious and I received many compliments. I would definitely recommend this place!”

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Address: 13911 Cedar Rd, South Euclid, OH 44118, United States


Google Reviews: 222

My husband & I got the shawarma platter. I got it with grilled vegetables & sweet potatoes fries. He got his with the Israeli Salad (tomatoes & cucumbers) & regular fries. He loved it! I loved the flavors in the food and the amba sauce was really good too. The pita is the fluffiest melt in your mouth piece of bread… it was so good..”

“This is the restaurant I’ve been looking for for years. I know Israeli food pretty well, and helped my kids order “safe” shawarma rolls. I ordered a few more authentic things, sabich, falafel, schnitzel, fried eggplant, pickled vegetables, Israeli salad, hummus, Amba, toom (garlic mayo) etc. At home we shared things around and the family loved it all. The kids piled eggplant and fried onions on their shawarma and just about anything else they could fit in. They’re asking how soon we can go back. Everything really is that good. If you like wraps, simple grilled meats and vegetables, and tons of huge flavors, I highly recommend giving Arova a try. This will be a regular stop for us now.

Arova Cleveland
Arova Cleveland

What makes a restaurant Kosher?

To be considered kosher, a restaurant must adhere to certain guidelines and requirements established by Jewish dietary laws. Here are five things to look for when determining if a restaurant is kosher:

  1. Kosher Certification: The restaurant should have a certification from a recognized Kashrut authority indicating that the establishment has been inspected and meets the necessary standards for kosher food preparation and service.

  2. Separation of Meat and Dairy: Kosher dietary laws prohibit the consumption of meat and dairy products together. Therefore, a kosher restaurant should have separate areas, utensils, and cooking equipment for meat and dairy products.

  3. Use of Kosher Ingredients: All ingredients used in the preparation of food should be certified as kosher, meaning that they are approved by a recognized Kashrut authority.

  4. Preparation by Trained Staff: The kitchen staff should be trained in kosher food preparation and be familiar with the specific requirements for separating meat and dairy products.

  5. Inspection and Oversight: The restaurant should be subject to regular inspections by the Kashrut authority to ensure that it continues to meet the necessary standards for kosher food preparation and service.

By checking for these five key factors, you can determine whether a restaurant is truly kosher and meets the requirements of Jewish dietary laws. It is also important to note that not all kosher restaurants follow the same level of stringency, so it is important to understand the specific standards of the Kashrut authority providing certification.

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