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Kosher Hotel London

Kosher Hotels in London

Here are a list of Kosher Hotels in London. Please note that some hotels’ kosher status may have changed, and it’s always recommended to confirm their kosher certification directly with the hotel before booking.

  1. The Danubius Hotel Regents Park – 18 Lodge Rd, St. John’s Wood, London NW8 7JT, United Kingdom. This hotel has been certified as kosher in the past. – is JOFY

  2. The Pillar Hotel – 19 Brent Street, Brent Cross London NW4 2EU United Kingdom,  This hotel has also been certified as kosher in the past. (4 Star) 

  3. Holiday Inn Express – 58 Regents Park Rd, London N3 3JN, United KingdomLondon W2 1JU, United Kingdom. This hotel has a kosher kitchen and is certified kosher by the KLBD (Kosher London Beth Din).

JOFY, which stands for “Jewish Observant Friendly,” refers to lodging establishments that cater to the needs of Jewish Observant guests. Some of the special services provided may include Shabbat meals, rooms on lower floors, and standard keys for the rooms. However, it’s important to note that JOFY establishments are not necessarily certified as kosher and may not serve kosher food on their premises. They may be located within walking distance of a local synagogue, community, or kosher restaurants area to offer convenience to their guests.

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Sukkot Table Runner
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Shabbat Table Runner
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London Marriot Hotel Park Lane
The Marriott Park Lane

4. The Croft Court Hotel – 44 Ravenscroft Ave, London NW11 8AY, United Kingdom. This hotel has a kosher kitchen and is certified kosher by the KLBD. (4 Stars) 

5. The Marriott Park Lane – 140 Park Lane, Westminster, London W1K 7AA, United Kingdom. This hotel has a kosher kitchen and is certified kosher by the KLBD. (5 Stars) 

6. The Best Western Palm Hotel  – 64-76 Hendon Way London NW2 2NL, United Kingdom. This hotel has a kosher kitchen and is certified kosher by the KLBD. (4 Star) 


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The Jewish areas of London

London is a diverse city, home to people from all walks of life and various cultural backgrounds. The Jewish community in London has a long and rich history, dating back centuries. Today, there are numerous areas in London where Jews live and thrive.

One such area is Stamford Hill, located in the north-eastern part of the city. This neighborhood boasts one of the largest Orthodox Jewish communities outside of Israel. Here you’ll find kosher shops and restaurants galore, synagogues on every street corner, and families walking to services each Saturday morning. Stamford Hill is a lively area with plenty to see and do – whether you’re interested in Jewish culture or just curious about this vibrant community.

Another notable area with a strong Jewish presence is Golders Green in northwest London. This neighborhood has been home to Jews since the early 20th century when a number of refugees fled here from Eastern Europe.

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Synagogues Located in Hampstead London

Hampstead has long been known as an exclusive enclave for affluent Jewish families looking to enjoy all that London has to offer without sacrificing their privacy or comfort. It’s situated just a few miles from central London, There are a few notable Synagogues in Hampstead.

  1. Hampstead Synagogue
  2. South Hampstead Synagogue
  3. New London Synagogue
  4. Belsize Square Synagogue
  5. St. John’s Wood Synagogue