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Kosher Gin Hamper

Kosher Gift Hampers Hobart

The Kosher Hub offers a wide range of kosher gift hampers all around Australia including Hobart in Tasmania. Designed for Jewish occasions whether that be a Shiva, Birthday, Purim, Passover and Rosh Hashanah or Corporate.  The Kosher Hub offers the Tasmanian Jewish community Kosher Hampers that are delivered to your friends, family or colleagues door. Wrapped in gold tissue, blue and gold ribbon and white signature box, The Kosher Hub hampers offer a stunning range of Australian Kosher food from gourmet chocolate, olives, crispbread and wine.

View a sample of our range below or go HERE and if you have any special requests email us at

Kosher Hampers from The Kosher Hub

Kosher Whisky Hamper
Kosher Whisky Hamper
Deluxe Kosher Hamper
Deluxe Kosher Hamper
Kosher Sparkling Wine
Kosher Sparking Wine Hamper
Kosher Australian Beer and Nuts Hamper
Kosher Baby Boy Brit Hamper
Purim Preparation Pack

Kosher Hampers Australia

Kosher Sparkling Wine
Kosher Rose Wine Hamper
Kosher White Wine Hamper
Kosher Merlot Hamper
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