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Western Kosher Review by The Kosher Hub

Western Kosher

A quick look at Western Kosher Supermarket in Los Angeles

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What is Western Kosher?

Western Kosher are a large kosher supermarket in Los Angeles catering to primarily the Jewish community. All food in store is certified under the Kashrut Authority – Glatt category.

They describe themselves as an “upscale kosher supermarket” covering a large floor space of 800 sq meters with butchers and Japanese sushi chefs on site.

Western Kosher’s 2 locations in the affluent suburbs of Los Angeles in Pico and in Fairfax and are approximately situated 3.4 miles from one another.

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How many departments does Western Kosher have?

  • Produce
  • Meat
  • Fresh Fish
  • Dairy
  • Grocery
  • Beverages
  • Takeaway
  • Deli
  • Sushi
  • Catering
  • Frozen
  • Bakery
  • Candy
  • Wine/Beer
  • Household Essentials 

Western Kosher have a wide range of kosher products available.  From kosher duck, turkey, lamb and veal, they state “kosher meat is our specialty”. They state their meat is Glatt Kosher.

 During the Jewish holidays and Shabbat the supermarket sells food specific to the occasion. Traditional Jewish foods such as Challah, Rugelach and Kugel are available in their bakery section.

All Jewish holidays are catered for Passover (Pesach) Rosh Hashanah, Shavuot, Yom Kippur and Hanukkah and more. Kosher wine and beer for the 21s an older. 

Here is just a snapshot of the huge range of Fish Western Kosher offer:

Salmon fillets
Whole side of salmon
Ahi Tuna Fillet
Tilapia Fillet
Trout Fillets
Ruby Red Trout Fillets
Whole Red Snapper
Sea Bass Wild
Whole Branzino Fish
Black Cod
Fish Cakes
Mock Crab Sliders
Grouper Fillet
Buffalo Carp Fillets
Sole Fillet
Halibut Fillet
Red Mullet
Tuna Saku Block

That’s a lot of Kosher Fish that Western Kosher Offer!


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Does Western Kosher Do Deliveries?


Hancock Park



Beverly Hills,


West Hollywood

Long Beach,

Redondo Beach

Palo Alto, California.

2) Other areas in California – via food drops at the Chabad or Jewish representatives

San Francisco,

Granit Bay,

Walnut Creek,


Tri Valley.

San Diego La Jolla,

Santa Barbara,

3)  Kollel Pick Up

Chandler, AZ, 

 Phoenix, AZ,

Tucson, AZ

5) Food can be fedexed overnight anywhere in “continental USA” including  Hawaii –



Big Island,


Oahu Kosher.

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How does Western Kosher prepare the food for delivery?

Their website states: “Orders are frozen to maintain product integrity. Please place order three working days prior to the desired delivery date so we have time to prepare and freeze your order.

 Cost – On average it costs $30-$50 per box. Orders to Alaska/Hawaii generally cost $50-$70 per box. We do not guarantee box rates.

The minimum order for delivery is $70 according to their website and the cost will depend on how much you buy. Western Kosher have a list of dates they will make deliveries and the cut off time to make the order.

So being prepared, knowing when your holiday starts in advance is the best way to ensure you get your food delivered.

No deliveries are made on Jewish Holidays or Saturdays




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What are people saying about Western Kosher?

Here are a handful of reviews from Google from the Pico supermarket of which they have 209 as at date of writing – October 2022!


  • “Western Kosher Market is a great place for all of your kosher food needs. It’s a small store but they have everything from herring, sausages, salads, sauces, all kinds of meats and much more. Among the best selection of kosher meats in LA. Highly reccomend.”
  • “Great customer service!!! love to shop there !! Everything is fresh tasty and delicious!! And the most important is that is Glat kosher!!! I needed an item last time I shoped there , and as soon as I I came in today the guy that I asked from last time remembered !!! and he came to me and gave me the item ! That is unbelievable ,I’m sure he has so many customer all day ,and he remembered that small item that I asked him last time….it was coffee vanilla flavor. …yami !!!”
  • “The meat is good. But everything else is extremely expensive!”
  • “This is the only store i know of in LA that carries raw rhubarb. I am “thankful” for them, or i might not be able to carry on my annual tradition of baking a holiday rhubarb pie. The prices are high enough here that I’m also thankful that the occasion comes but once a year.”
  • “I’ve never been to a store where there were so many employees were all kind and helpful. It makes shopping so much easier and more enjoyable.”

The Western Kosher App

To make your life easier Western Kosher has an app. Developed in 2019 by My Cloud Grocer LLC you can now shop online and either have your food delivered or pick it up.

Western Kosher App

Please note: The Kosher Hub is not a Kosher Authority. For any advice please refer to your local Kashrut Authority. Food photos in this blog have been taken from Google and do not belong to The Kosher Hub.

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